Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance Services

Air conditioning is an important feature in many workplaces, keeping the environment at a comfortable temperature for those inside all year round. However, if your air conditioning system is not performing optimally you may be unnecessarily wasting money and energy

HVAC Repair

At BH Consultancy Services our expert HVAC engineers can provide comprehensive HVAC repair and maintenance services, ensuring your air conditioning systems are performing efficiently with minimal waste.

Poor airflow, unpleasant odours, water leaks and unexpected noises are all signs that your air conditioning system is experiencing a fault of some kind. These problems can cause a decrease in the air quality and comfort of your workplace, as well as waste energy, and it is recommended you have them inspected by a specialist HVAC engineer as soon as possible.

We can diagnose and repair faulty air conditioning units of all types, returning them to full functionality and efficiency without delay. If possible, any broken components will be rebuilt or refurbished, avoiding the unnecessary purchase of new parts and keeping your costs low.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your air conditioning system doesn't have to be broken to benefit from our services though. We can also carry out routine maintenance, keeping your system running optimally and preventing any future issues from occurring, saving your business both time and money in the long term.

If you suspect your air conditioning system is not performing as expected and you are in need of a professional air conditioning maintenance and repair service, contact us today for more details. Our HVAC engineer covers Wokingham, Weybridge, Guildford, Surrey, Berkshire, London and the southern counties.