Ventilation System Improvement Services

Ventilation is necessary for the introduction of outdoor air to indoor environments. However, a ventilation system that is not performing to its full potential will result in decreased quality of air and higher running costs.

At BH Consultancy Services we offer a comprehensive range of specialist ventilation improvement services and can ensure your indoor workplace environment benefits from the very best quality of air as well as saving you money.

Ventilation System Audit

To ensure your ventilation system continues to operate without issue, it is recommended you have audits carried out regularly by a professional. This allows you to monitor your ventilation system’s cleanliness and level of performance. Our specialist engineers can complete in depth ventilation system audits, highlighting any areas of concern and making recommendations of how you can improve performance.

Ventilation System Repair

From time to time your ventilation system may develop leaks or suffer other types of damage. To ensure the air quality within your premises remains high and you don’t waste money running an inefficient system, it is vital that you have a ventilation engineer carry out the required repairs as a matter of urgency. At BH Consultancy Services we can provide a full ventilation system repair service, identifying and rectifying any issues quickly.

Ventilation System Inspection

If you suspect your ventilation system is not performing as well as it should, or you think it may be damaged or leaking, we can help. Our ventilation system inspection can identify any issues your system may be experiencing. We will carry out a thorough inspection of your entire system, reporting on any damage, inefficiencies and potential problems we discover.

Pressure Testing

The most effective method of detecting faults in your ventilation system is by having a pressure test carried out. Many ventilation systems have been neglected over time, and we regularly work with systems that have never been tested at all. If this is the case with the system on your premises, it may be suffering from leakage. Leaks within your ventilation system can result in over 60% excess energy usage, as well as a significant reduction in air change rates and increase in viral loadings.

A pressure test allows you to identify whether the system conforms to the minimum leakage rates advised in BESA DW114, failure of which indicates the presence of a serious leak. Systems experiencing excess leakage will typically deliver an indoor air quality that falls well below what is acceptable.

As well as poor air quality, leakage also leads to:

  • Increased energy usage and higher energy costs
  • Increased levels of CO2 emissions
  • Higher maintenance costs

If any leaks are identified during the pressure testing of your ventilation system, we can carry out the necessary repairs in a timely and professional manner. The difference will be noticeable immediately, with many businesses seeing a ROI after months, rather than years.

Ventilation System Design

If your ventilation system is beyond repair or you require a brand new system, our ventilation engineers can provide a complete ventilation system design service. By working with you closely we can design a bespoke system that meets the needs of your business and delivers an exceptional level of air quality throughout all of your indoor working environments.

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BH Consultancy Services is available to offer Ventilation System Audit, Repair, Inspection & Design services in Weybridge, Guildford, Wokingham, Surrey, Berkshire and across the Southern Counties. The importance of clean air within any indoor working environment cannot be understated, so if you feel your ventilation system is below par now is the time to contact us.