Environmental Consultancy Services

With a vast knowledge in maintaining Environmentally Safe standards, we understand the importance this brings to businesses. Here at BH Consultancy Services we offer a range of expert services that can help your business improve its environmental impact.

Our specialist sustainability consultants are on hand to examine your workplace and its processes, recommending ways in which you can increase efficiency as well as mitigating or entirely eliminating any environmentally damaging behaviours.

Specialising in Grease Management services, we can provide you with tailored Grease Management plans for your business, ensuring efficiency and minimum losses to you. Providing Audits for Catering Extract Systems, we offer Specification and tender production followed by evaluation of tenders. This is specifically for electrical and catering extract systems.

Indoor air quality assessments are vital in identifying areas of concern when it comes to the air quality within your workplace. BH Consultancy Services can carry out IAQ assessments and assist your business in implementing any necessary improvements or adjustments.

We can also provide a comprehensive range of Ventilation Services, assisting you in the improvement of the indoor environment of your workplace through inspections, audits, testing, repairs and the complete design of new ventilation systems.

If you are in need of an environmental health consultant or should you wish to learn more about our environmental consultancy services and what we can offer you, please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to help! Our environmental health consultant mainly covers Wokingham, Weybridge, Guildford, Surrey, Berkshire, London and the southern counties, but can travel throughout the UK.

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